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College campuses are the natural environment for youth to start making a real difference. We are geared to make 2010 a big success with our Campus Pulse Project. With the longer term objective of having young liberals in the Parliament, this initiative aims to provide a platform for liberal youth activists to undertake governance projects on their campuses.  Through an open application process, ten campus coordinators as well as their corresponding mentors have been selected to lead this initiative across India from Delhi, Mumbai, Ranchi, Bangalore, Patiala, Amritsar, Jamshedpur, Guwahati, and Mokochung (Nagaland).  LYF will provide support in terms of guidance and resources for the coordinators and mentors.  Each team is expected to jointly work towards effective projects to solve campus problems using liberal solutions, contest elections in campus or identify individuals for the same, write a snapshot report on status of campus governance issues and start a Liberal Youth Forum on campus.

How I can get involved in Campus Pulse 10?
Currently 8 teams in various regions are involved in making Campus Pulse Program. Please email your nearest team to get updates on upcoming events and ways of participating!


LYF-Mentors and Coordinators