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Cheistha Kochhar, Campus Pulse Coordinator, Sri Venkateswara College, New Delhi

An Economics(H) student from Sri Venkateswara College who's keen interest lies in the sector of governance and public policies, has been proving the age old saying- "where there's a will, there's a way". Starting off the LYF club in her college single handedly, going against the teachers and administration, with her sheer spirit she now heads a club of approximately 50 people within a span of 3 months, and has been able to get her projects approved from the administration successfully. "LYF Venky", as called, works with the vision of giving that backbone to each student to stand up and say what he/she thinks. With intentions of merging with other clubs in college, LYF Venky will be working on a project called "Integrated Campus" in 2010.


Divyalina Bhuyan, Campus Pulse Coordinator, Cotton College, Guwahati

Final year English Hon.s student at the Cotton College, Guwahati. Believes in constant upgradation of the self and learning from her mistakes. Now when it came to learning from her mistakes in academics she found herself helpless. Why? Because her college does not give her evaluated answer sheet back. One day she decided to go against the status quo and do something. Next! She joined LYF and started her campaign for getting answer sheets back by the use of Right to Information. She is supported by her close friends in the college.


Sadaf Hussain, Campuse Pulse Coordinator, St. Xavier's College, Ranchi

Puzzled with the meaning of the word AUTONOMY, he decided to search for its meaning from his college admin. Final year student of St. Xavier's College with Advertising as his major kept wondering why even after getting the status of an autonomous college from UGC, they're being taught the old University syllabus. Flash and came the idea of running a campaign. He's a proud leader of his student group who're advocating for syllabus upgradation in their curriculum through organising events like one to one student teacher meetings. Succes wasnt too far, at the start of 2010 the College also felt moved and his department introduced 3 new Courses keeping in mind the demands of the market.