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The four texts presented in this section are written by well-known liberal authors, are easy to read and touch upon some of the most central concerns of liberalism: the significance of freedom, the necessity of subjecting the activity of the state to strict limits, the essentiality of free expression and discussion, the eminence of rule of law for the preservation of freedom and the importance of private property for economic well-being.
They are distributed to participants of events dealing with liberalism for further reading and are required reading for those who participate in the International Leadership Academy’s online courses on liberalism.

  1. Ralf Dahrendorf on Freedom
  2. Karl Popper on the state, democracy and the importance of freedom of thought and free discussion
  3. Friedrich A. von Hayek on the safeguards of individual liberty and the rule of law
  4. Listening to the barking dogs: property law against poverty in the non-West