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Economic Myths & Fallacies

  • What is Seen and What is Not Seen by Frederic Bastiat
  • The Law by Frederic Bastiat
  • Economics in One Lesson by Henry Hazlitt
  • Economic Sophisms by Frederic Bastiat
  • What Everyone Should Know about Economics & Prosperity? by James Gwartney
  • Adventures of Jonathan Gullible by Ken Schoolland
  • The Other Path by Hernando De Soto
  • Road to Serfdom by FA Hayek
  • Fatal Conceit by FA Hayek
  • Sustainable Development: Promoting Progress or Perpetuating Poverty? By Julian Morris
  • Ultimate Resource 2 by Julian Simon
  • State of Humanityby Julian Simon
  • Elephants and Ivory: Lessons from the Trade Ban (Institute of Economic Affairs)
  • Collapse of A Dream by Rayasam Prasad

Economic History

  • Making of Modern Economics by Mark Skousen


  • Creative Destruction by Tyler Cowen
  • In Defense of Globalisation by Jagdish Bhagwati
  • In Defense of Capitalism by Johan Norberg
  • India Unbound by Gurcharan Das
  • Lexus and the Olive Tree by Thomas Freidman

Philosophy of Freedom

  • The Libertarian Reader by David Boaz
  • Free to Choose, A Personal Statement By Milton & Rose Friedman
  • Capitalism and Freedom by Milton Friedman
  • Fountainhead by Ayn Rand
  • Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand
  • Individualism and Economic Order by FA Hayek
  • Anything That’s Peaceful by Leonard Reed
  • An Inquiry into the Nature & Causes of the Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith
  • A Theory of Moral Sentiments by Adam Smith

Economics Made Fun

  • Armchair Economist by Steven Landsburg
  • Fair Play by Steven Landsburg
  • Hidden Order by David Friedman
  • An Invisible Heart: An Economic Romance by Russell Roberts
  • Choice: A fable of Free Trade & Protectionism by Russell Roberts

Advanced Readings

  • Skeptical Environmentalist Bjorn Lomborg
  • 15 Great Austrian Economists by Randall Holcombe
  • Constitution of Libertyby FA Hayek
  • Socialism by FA Hayek
  • Government Failure: A Primer on Public Choice by Gordon Tullock
  • Anarchy, State & Utopia by Robert Nozick
  • For a New Liberty, the Libertarian Manifesto by Murray N Rothbard
  • Foundations of the Market-Price System by Milton M Shapiro
  • Machinery of Freedom David Friedman

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