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Pratigya is a youth oriented organisation based in Jharkhand,committed to contribute actively to improve quality and access to education. www.pratigya.in


Prabodh is a trust based in Delhi specialising in public advocacy for liberal policies. It intends to impart awareness of the same to other liberal groups as well as college youth through seminars and workshops. http://prabodh2006.blogspot.com/


Centre for Public Policy Research (CPPR) was formed in 2004 by individuals who believe in Freedom of Expression, Rule of Law and Right to Livelihood. CPPR research based organisation working on education, livelihood, city reforms, governance and environment as the major study areas. http://www.cppr.in/

India FNF Alumni Network (IFAN)

IFAN is a national network of liberals who have participated in FNF’s regional and international programs.  Contact: Ms Iris Madeira, National Coordinator at irismadeira@usa.net; indiafnfalumninetwork@gmail.com