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Uniting youth for a freer and prosperous India

LYF is a movement of individuals, informal groups and formal associations collaborating to create access and choice in social, cultural, economic, political and environmental spheres for a freer India.

•    To be a national network of all young people who consider themselves to be liberal and passionate about working towards a freer India based on the principles of liberalism.
•    To act as a resource centre of persons, information, standardized courses and educational materials on liberalism which everyone can use and to which people can contribute.
•    To establish a political space where individuals can freely exercise their political choices and actively facilitate the emergence of liberal youth leaders in India.
•    To coordinate and work with individuals and groups and formal associations committed to the liberal cause irrespective of their gender, religion, caste, age, language, culture and nationality for the realization of these objectives.
•    To promote sustained cooperation between members and constituent groups, ensuring their autonomy and diversity of activities, for enhancing the effectiveness and success of the national network.
•    To create opportunities for its members to be heard and seen at the international level and act as the counterpart of liberal organisations abroad and thereby support a global movement for freedom.